2021 Reorganization: Precinct Conventions

ATTENTION BOURBON COUNTY DEMOCRATS! The county precinct is the true grassroots of electoral politics. For Democrats, it is the level at which all the action begins. Precincts were once fairly cohesive neighborhoods and the residents mostly knew one another–but today, precinct lines include urban, rural, and suburban voters whose paths may never cross. So it’s harder to think of yourself as part of a precinct.

In the party reorganization that takes place every four years, each precinct in Bourbon County elects, from among its registered Democrats, one male, one female and one youth (35 & under) to be its precinct committee. The reorganization from 2020 was rescheduled because of COVID restrictions, but it will begin this year with Precinct Conventions on April 10 at 10 a.m.

All events will take place at Statewide Online Zoom Meetings from the nominating period starting March 15 and going through to the state convention on June 26. All meetings will be held online and by telephone. Anyone registered as a Democrat as of April 8, 2021, may be nominated as a precinct committee member. Yes, you may nominate yourself–in fact, most people DO self-nominate.

In past cycles, the nominating and electing of precinct committee members has taken place on a single day. This year nominations will take place from March 15 through April 12. To nominate yourself or someone else in YOUR precinct, visit https://kydemocrats.org/2021-reorg/ or call the Reorganization HOTLINE at 833-468-6835. NOTE: The person nominated must have voted for the Democratic candidates in the 2020 general election.

Voting for Precinct Committee members will take place From April 15 to 17 and results will be tabulated by the Kentucky Democratic Party and posted by April 21. One of the three will be elected Precinct Chair between April 25 -26.

There are 16 precincts in Paris and Bourbon County: Paris #1 through #7, Hutchison #1,2 & 3; Centerville, Ruddles Mill, Millersburg, Flat Rock (that’s the Little Rock area), North Middletown, and Clintonville. If each precinct elects its three committee members, that creates a group of 48 that will be responsible for nominating and electing the Executive Committee of Bourbon County Democrats. ONLY the precinct committee members may vote for the Executive Committee, but any Bourbon County Democrat may be nominated to serve on the Executive Committee, which manages the activities of the party for the next four years.

Bourbon County Democrats discovered the significance of the Precinct Committees in 2007 when the members of the Precinct Committees were the only persons allowed to vote on three special election Democratic nominees: for Jailer, Circuit Court Clerk, and State Representative for the 72nd district.

NOW is the time to get involved with Democrat Party activities! If you do not know the name of your precinct, contact the office of Bourbon County Clerk Richard Eads (Call 859-987-2142) or visit GoVoteKY.com. For more information about the Convention process, visit the Kentucky Democratic Party website at this link: https://kydemocrats.org/2021-reorg/.

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